Temperature Indicating Stick

Tempilstik, Tempindic
A simple, easy, cost effective temperature indicating sticks. Ball pen type, easy to fit in shirt pocket, environment friendly temp stick are used in production shops for quick quality control within accurate to +/- 1% of the rated temperature. Temp sticks – Temperature indicating crayon sticks or temperature sticks are available from 500 C to 12000 C with broad range with choice of selections. Comply with preheat temperature requirements of AWS D1.1, ASME Code Sec. I, III and VIII, ANSI/ASME Code B31.1 and B31.3. Fast, accurate surface temperature indicator. Thermax® Level Strip Indicators Irreversible Temperature Indicating Strip Labels. Thermax® 5 Level Clock Style Indicators Five-Level, Irreversible Temperature Indicating Label. Series 4 Tempilabel® Four-Level, Irreversible Temperature Indicating Label. Series 21 Tempilabel® Single-Level, Irreversible Temperature Indicating Label. Thermax 5 Level Strips. Thermax 6 Level Strips. Thermax 8 Level Strips. Thermax 9 Level Strip. Thermax Chill Checker. Thermax 10 Level Strips. Tempilabel® Reversible, Reversible Temperature Indicating Labels. Tempilaq® Indicating Liquids Fast-indicating surface temperature coating. Temp-Alarm® Time/Temperature Signaling Paint Color-changing, temperature indication paint. Temp Sticks, Temperature Sticks, Welding Temperature Sticks, Temperature Indicating Crayons, Welding Temp Sticks, Welding Crayons, Temperature Indicator, Metal Marker Paint, Industrial Marker, Thermocrayons, Cold Marking Chalk, drawing chalk, Metal Marker, hot coils marking chalk, hot plates marking chalk, hot sections marking chalk, hot blooms marking chalk, Colour Changing Crayons, Temperature Crayons, Hot Marking Chalk, Hot Chalk, India


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