Aluminium & Steel Test Panels

Q-Panel brand steel and aluminum panels every year for color development, weathering exposures, salt spray and corrosion testing, physical properties testing and quality control. Weathering Tests. Color Development. Corrosion Tests. Appearance Retention. STEEL PANELS – QD CRS SAE 1008/1010 dull finish, smooth finish, bright tinplate, ground finish. ALUMINUM PANELS – A Alloy 3003H14 chromate finish, bare mill finish, alclad finish. test panels for paint. Bare Aluminum Panels (Type A, AQ, ARX, and ASX). Chromated Aluminum Panels (Type AL and ALQ). Aluminum Adhesive Panels (Type AD and Type AR). Automotive Styling Panels (Type SPC and SPA). Large Display Panels (Type L-1424). Q-PANEL Brand Test Substrates, type Aluminum Type A Type AQ Type AR, ARX Type ASX Type AL Type ALQ Type AD ASTM Material Specifications B449- Class 2 B209. ISO Panel Specifications 209-1, 1514, 10546 Class 3. Panel Type & Description Type A, AQ, ARX, & ASX – Bare Surface Smooth Mill Finish A-1.75-5, A-2-3.5, A-24, A-2.75-4, A-35, A-36, A-39, A-46, A-48, A-412, A-612, AQ-24, AQ-36, AQ-44, AQ-46, AQ-48, AQ-412, AQ-2.36-5.51, AQ-612, ARX-310*, ASX-310*. Type AL, ALQ Chromated Surface Smooth Mill Finish AL-2-3.5, AL-35, AL-36, AL-39, AL-46, AL-48, AL-412, AL-612, ALQ-36, ALQ-46, ALQ-412. Type AD Alclad Surface AD-14*. Type AR Bare Surface AR-14*. Type SPC Coated Auto Style SPC-1524*. Type SPA Bare Auto Style SPA-1524*. Type L Large Display Panel L-1424. QD-35 standard steel test panel. Q-PANELĀ® Type D QD R S R-I. automotive paint test panels, q panel company, q panel india, aluminum test panels, buy q panels, bonderite 1000 panels, q panels for sale, q panels aluminum. TEST STANDARDS FOR Q-PANEL STANDARD SUBSTRATES – ASTM D2201, ASTM D609, ASTM G50.


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