1      whirling-hygrometer-37-p

Whirling Hygrometer | sling psychrometer, whirling hygrometer

Capillary: White / Yellow Back Capillary

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2    Outdoor-Digital-Thermo-Hygrometer-With-Sensor-Wire-TL8001A-

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer with Clock

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer with Clock Range -10 TO +50⁰C / +14 TO +122⁰F

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3     center_316 (1)

Temperature/Humidity Meter with Dew Point and Wet Bulb.

CENTER 316, CENTER 310 - Humidity Temperature Meter (PC Interface),

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4     Elcometer-319

Elcometer 308 & 309 Digital Hygrometers / Elcometer 319 Dew Point Meter

ELCOMETER 319 G319----S Standard

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5     dewcheck-4-series-2-dc7100-01

TQC DewCheck 4 Dew Point Meter

TQC DewCheck 4 Docking Station Series

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6     DPM3_wHand_CMYK_sm

Defelsko Positector DPM Dew Point Meter

DPM Dew Point Meter Measures and records climatic

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7     2014330162755321

Dew Point Calculator

ELCOMETER 114 G114----2 Dewpoint

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9        1380873403-20625000

ETI – UK Thermo Hygrometer

ETI Hygrometers - 6100 & 6102 therma

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8        img-b88e0d8b8d68a6b63d172c829aa5c4ea

Digital Thermo Hygrometer

LUTRON Humidity/Temp./Dew point meter (Hygrometers)

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Magnetic Surface Dial Thermometer_001

Magnetic Surface Thermometer | Magnet Surface Thermometer, Steel surface thermometer, 800-950 thermometer

PTC® Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers

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11       Elcometer-210-Paint-Thermometer-Display

Dial type Paint Thermometer

ELCOMETER 210 G210----1 Paint

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12    vuurenrook_234427pl234437pl234457pl243447

ETI – UK SuperFast Thermapen® 4 Digital Thermometer Penetration/Liquid Probe.

ETI SuperFast Thermapen® 4 Thermometers Thermapen

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13       thermapen-industrial-version

ETI – UK Thermapen® Thermometer with Air Probe

Temperature Range -49.9 to 299.9 °C

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14 Elcometer-212-Thermometer-Surface-Probe (1)

ETI – UK Thermapen® Thermometer with Surface Probe

ETI Thermapen® Thermometer with Surface Probe

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15   thermapen-orange_1

ETI – UK Thermapen® Thermometer with Liquid / Penetration Probe

ETI SuperFast Thermapen® Thermometers

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ETI Thermapen Thermometer_0001

ETI – UK Digital Thermometer

ETI Industrial Thermometers

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16          thermapen_pro_surface_z_a

ETI – UK Pro-Surface Thermapen® surface thermometer

ETI Pro-Surface Thermapen® surface thermometer Order

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18      12960-p1

Precision Digital Thermometer

LUTRON Thermometers (Thermocouple) - AM-4205A,

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19    fluke62maxplus__1

Infrared Thermometer


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20    raytemp-6-infrared-thermometer

ETI – UK RayTemp® Infrared Thermometer

ETI-UK RayTemp® 6 Infrared Thermometer with

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21     Fluke-Ti105-Thermal-Imager

Thermal Imagers

Thermal imager can save time and money by

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22     f633

Laboratory & Industrial Glass Thermometers

Laboratory Glass Thermometers : ASTM /

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