Laboratory & Industrial Glass Thermometers

Laboratory Glass Thermometers : ASTM / IP / IS Standard Glass Thermometers Standard thermometers manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications issued by the American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM), Institute of Petroleum (IP) and the Bureau of Indian Standards in IS 2480 (Part I) : 1983. General Purpose Glass Thermometers. Precision Glass Thermometers. Minus Range Glass Thermometers.
Industrial Thermometers : Our industrial metal encased thermometers are widely used in various industrial segments like the marine, shipping, HVAC, petrochemical, oil and gas, wastewater and other industries.
V-Line Industrial Thermometers : Low cost robust industrial thermometer designed for high vibration applications. Ideal for diesel engines, turbines, marine and shipping applications. Round or Prismatic Glass Thermometer with mercury or red spirit filling. Scale printed in Celsius and/or Fahrenheit. Copper Dip Thermometers. Brass Dip Thermometers. Indian Meteorological Department Thermometers : Precision thermometers manufactured as per the Indian Meteorological Department specifications for measurement of Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Minimum and Maximum temperature. Mason’s Wet & Dry Thermometers. jrm glass thermometer accuracy, jrm mumbai, jrm thermometer price list, glass thermometer price in india, laboratory thermometer, alcohol thermometer, mercury thermometer, high precision glass thermometer. Calibration and Validation Services : We provide NABL traceable calibration services for your laboratory instruments. Our commitment to quality drives our utilization of highly trained metrologists, state of the art master standards and updated quality procedures for all our calibration services.


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