Precision Digital Thermometer

LUTRON Thermometers (Thermocouple) – AM-4205A, AM-4207SD, AM-4214SD, HT-3006A, HT-3007SD, LM-8010, LM-8100, LM-8102, LX-1128SD, MS-7011, PTM-806, TC-920, TM-2000, TM-906A, TM-9126, TM-914C, TM-914F, TM-916, TM-916HA, TM-917, TM-917HA, TM-924C, TM-924F, TM-925, TM-926, TM-936, TM-946, YK-2001TM, YK-2005TM, EM-9000, EM-9100, EM-9200. Thermometers (Pen type) – ABH-4224, ABH-4225, AH-4223, AM-4221, AM-4222, PHB-318, PHT-316, PTM-816. CENTER 300 – Thermometer (K Type, PC Interface), CENTER 301 – Thermometer (K Type, Dual Inputs, PC Interface), CENTER 302 – Thermometer (K,J Type, PC Interface), CENTER 303 – Thermometer (K,J Type, Dual Inputs, PC Interface), CENTER 305 – Thermometer (K Type, Datalogger), CENTER 306 – Thermometer (K Type, Dual Inputs, Datalogger), CENTER 304 – Thermometer (K Type, 4 Inputs, PC Interface), CENTER 309 – Thermometer (K Type, 4 Inputs, Datalogger), CENTER 307 – Thermometer (Compact Size, Low Cost), CENTER 308 – Thermometer (Compact Size, Low Cost, Dual Inputs), CENTER 374 – Thermometer (K-Type, 4 Inputs, Datalogger), CENTER 378 – Thermometer (K,J,E,T-Type, 4 Inputs, Datalogger). CENTER 370 – RTD Thermometer (Waterproof), CENTER 372 – RTD Thermometer (Waterproof, Dual Inputs), CENTER 375 – Precision RTD Thermometer (0.01°C Resolution), CENTER 376 – Precision RTD Thermometer (0.01°C Resolution, Datalogger). CIE – TAIWAN Model: 305 K-Type Digital Thermometer. MASTEREX-MP 4 Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof NON-CONTACT TEMPERATURE METER. TESTO 720 Ex Intrinsically Safe Thermometer PT100.
CEM INSTRUMENTS Temperature Meter CEM Model DT-135. CEM Model DT-130. CEM Model DT-131. CEM Model DT-132. CEM Model DT-133. CEM Model DT-1370. CEM Model DT-3610B. CEM Model DT-3630. CEM Model DT-3891F. CEM Model DT-3891G. CEM Model DT-610B. CEM Model DT-612. CEM Model DT-613. CEM Model DT-8891. CEM Model DT-8891A. CEM Model DT-8891B. CEM Model DT-8891C. CEM Model DT-8891D. CEM Model DT-8891E.  HTC Pen – Digital Thermometer DT – 1, HTC Digital Thermometer DT 302-1 & DT 302-2, HTC Contact Thermometer DT – 305. KUSAM MECO Probe Temperature Meter  Model KM 6502. Digital Thermo Hygrometer With Data Logging Dew Point / Wet Bulb Temperature / Humidity Meter Model Km-919, KUSAM MECO Digital Thermometer Single Input K-Type / Two Input K-Type / Rtd Thermometer Model Km936 / Km945 / Km6806A, KUSAM MECO Digital Temperature / Air Volume / Vane Anemometer  Model KM 8022. MECO INSTRUMENTS Dual Input Thermometer & Infrared Thermometer, MECO INSTRUMENTS Models : 901 – Dual Input Thermometer. METRAVI DIGITAL THERMOMETER METRAVI Model 305XL, METRAVI Model DTM-900, METRAVI Model DTM-901, METRAVI Model DTM-100, METRAVI Model DTM-902, METRAVI Model ST-9283B. industrial digital thermometer with probe, high accuracy thermometer, high precision thermometers, high accuracy digital thermometer, precision digital thermometer.


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