Magnetic Surface Thermometer | Magnet Surface Thermometer, Steel surface thermometer, 800-950 thermometer

PTC® Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers Accuracy of ±2% of Full Scale Range Celcius Model 312C Range -20° to 120°C, Model 313C Range -20° to 250°C, Model 314C Range 10° to 400°C, Model 315C Range -15° to 65°C, Model 330C Range -70° to 70°C.
Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometers G113—-1 Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer -35°C to 55°C, G113—-2 Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer 0°C to 120°C, G113—-3 Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer -20°C to 250°C, G113—-4 Elcometer 113 Imperial Magnetic Thermometer 0°F to 500°F, G113—-2B Elcometer 113 Economy Magnetic Thermometer 0°C to 120°C
TQC Magnetic Thermometer for surface temperature Art. No. TM0015 Measuring range -10°C..+70°C/+14°F to +160 °F
ETI Magnetic Thermometer Order Code 800-950 Ø50mm stainless steel surface dial thermometer incorporates a magnetic sensing pad for mounting on ferrous metals and indicates Temperature Ranges 0 to 120°C or 32 to 250°F. Resolution 2 °C and 4 °F divisions. ETI Pipe Thermometer Dial Surface Order Code 800-951 Ø50mm stainless steel dial and Temperature Range of 0 to 120°C or 32 to 250°F. The Ø50mm dial face Resolution 2°C and 4°F divisions. ETI Budget Surface Pipe Thermometer Order Code 800-971 50mm nickel plated dial Temperature Range of 0 to 120°C. Magnetic Surface Thermometer, Surface Temperature Indicator, magnetic temperature sensor, magnet thermometer, ptc instruments surface thermometer, magnetic surface contact thermometer, magnetic surface temperature gauge, magnetic surface thermometer, magnetic temperature sensor, welding magnetic surface thermometer perth, magnetic temperature gauge, magnetic thermometer means, Surface Thermometer.


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