ETI – UK Digital Thermometer

ETI Industrial Thermometers with interchangeable thermocouple probes Therma 1, 3 & Elite Digital Thermometers Order Code 221-041. ETI Therma Waterproof Thermometer with interchangeble thermocouple probes Order Code 232-101 IP66/67 protection, ETI Therma Differential Thermometer two channel, T1 or T2 or T1 minus T2 differential Order Code 231-022. Reference thermometer calibration thermometer Order Code 222-055. Precision Thermometer & Precision Plus PT100 high accuracy thermometers Order Code 222-053. ETI MicroTherma 1 microprocessor thermometer with in-built microprocessor for automatic re-calibration type K, J, T, R, N, S & E thermocouple probes Order Code 221-091. MicroTherma 2 Digital microprocessor thermometer Order Code 221-092. MicroTherma 3 Digital microprocessor thermometer Order Code 221-081. ETI Budget HVAC thermometer kit Order Code 860-095. ETI HVAC thermometer kit Order Code 860-090. ETI TempTest® 1 Smart Thermometer – unique 360° rotating display Order Code 221-910. ETI TempTest® 2 Smart Thermometer with rotating 360° display Order Code 222-910. ETI Saf-T-Log HACCP paperless temperature recording Order Code 860-701. ETI Thermamite® digital thermometer with food probe Temperature Range -50 to 300°C Order Code261-050 BLUE, 261-040 RED, 261-030 GREEN, 261-020 YELLOW. Therma 20 thermistor thermometer – HACCP compatible thermometer Order Code 226-040  Meets the European Standard EN13485. ETI Therma 22 Thermocouple and Thermistor Thermometer Order Code 227-022. ETI ThermoPop® Thermometer with 360° rotating display Order Code 810-301 WHITE, 810-302 YELLOW, 810-305 BLUE, 810-304 RED, 810-303 GREEN. ETI ThermaLite® 1 & 2 digital catering thermometers Order Code226-101 WHITE, 226-151 BLUE, 226-131 GREEN, 226-101 GREY, 226-121 YELLOW, 226-141. ETI Food Check food thermometer and probe Order Code221-048 RED, 221-028 YELLOW, 221-038 GREEN, 221-058 BLUE, 221-018 WHITE. ETI ThermaCheck thermistor thermometer with probe Order Code 226-042. ETI ChefAlarm® professional cooking thermometer & timer Order Code810-041 WHITE, 810-045 BLUE, 810-043 GREEN, 810-042 YELLOW, 810-044 RED. ETI EcoTemp digital thermometer Order Code 810-950. ETI USB thermometer temperature stick Order Code 178-360. ETI ThermaQ two channel thermocouple thermometer Order Code 231-050. ETI Data Temperature Recorder – DTR Order Code 226-270. ETI CaterTemp® Plus waterproof thermometer Order Code221-056 GREY, 221-556 BLUE, 221-456 RED, 221-356 GREEN, 221-256 YELLOW. ETI Therma Plus waterproof thermometer Order Code 221-071 IP66/67 protection. ETI Printing Temperature Recorder – PTR printing thermometer Order Code 226-275. ETI Soil thermometer – soil probe thermometer Order Code 803-795. thermometer fridge magnet, magnetic oven thermometer, magnetic thermometer for bbq, fridge magnet thermometer, digital thermometer with probe brewing, digital temperature probe, weather thermometer, industrial digital thermometer with probe, industrial thermometer wiki, surface probe definition, surface probe thermometer, digital surface temperature thermometer, surface temperature probe k type, digital lab thermometer.
ELCOMETER 213/2 G213—-2 Digital Waterproof Thermometer Range -49°C to +1372°C (-56°F to 2500°F). Fluke 54 II B Dual Input Digital Thermometer with Data Logging. Fluke 53 II Single Input Digital Thermometer with Data Logging. Fluke 52 II Dual Input Digital Thermometer. Fluke 51 II Single Input Digital Thermometer. Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator. Fluke 712B RTD Calibrator. Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator


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