Analog Outside Mcrometer | BAKER MM25, MM25-1, Outside Micrometer, L.C 0.01mm, L.C. 0.00 mm

“MITUTOYO – Japan”, “MAHR- Germany”, “BAKER”, “YAMAYO”
Analogue Micrometer Miutoyo Model 103-137 Range 0-25mm L.C. 0.01mm. Mitutoyo Model 103-129 Range 0-25mm L.C. 0.001mm. Mitutoyo Model 103-138 Range 25-50mm L.C. 0.01mm. Mitutoyo Model 103-130 Range 25-50mm L.C. 0.001mm . Mitutoyo Model 103-139-10 Range 50-75mm. Mitutoyo Model 103-140-10 Range 75-100mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-171 Range 0-50mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-139A Range 0-100mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-135A Range 0-150mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-161A Range 50-150mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-140A Range 100-200mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-136A Range 150-300mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-141A Range 200-300mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-142A Range 300-400mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-143A Range 400-500mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-144A Range 500-600mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-145A Range 600-700mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-146A Range 700-800mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-147A Range 800-900mm. Mitutoyo Model 104-148A Range 900-1000mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-408 Range 1000-1100mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-409 Range 1100-1200mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-410 Range 1200-1300mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-411 Range 1300-1400mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-412 Range 1400-1500mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-413 Range 1500-1600mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-414 Range 1600-1700mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-415 Range 1700-1800mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-416 Range 1800-1900mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-417 Range 1900-2000mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-418 Range 1000-1200mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-419 Range 1200-1400mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-420 Range 1400-1600mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-421 Range 1600-1800mm. Mitutoyo Model 105-422 Range 1800-2000mm. Baker Model MMA25, Baker Model MMA25-1. GROZ Outside Micrometers MM Series Metric Range MM/0-25, MM/25-50, MM/50-75, MM/75-100, MM/100-125, MM/125-150, Inch Range MM/0-1, MM/1-2, MM/2-3, MM/3-4, MM/4-5, MM/5-6.
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