Analogue & Digital Concrete Test Hammer

ELCOMETER 181 W181—-1 Analogue Concrete Test Hammer- MPa / psi Scale Accuracy Better than ±2 Rebound Number (When tested on Calibration Anvil at 80), Resolution 2 Rebound Number(s), Range 10 to 100 Rebound Number(s), Dimensions Hammer: 280mm (11.02″) length x 55mm (2.17″) diameter In Case: 350mm (13.78″) length x 80mm (3.15″) diameter, Accessories TW99919563 Calibration Anvil (supplied complete with Test Certificate). ELCOMETER 182 W182—4 Digital Concrete Test Hammer Impact Energy 2.207 Nm, Accuracy Better than ± 2 Rebound Number(s) (When tested on Calibration Anvil at 80), Resolution 0.1 Rebound Number, Range 10 to 70 MPa, Memory 5,000 tests, Unit Selection N/mm²; MPa; kgf/cm²; PSI Autonomy (Continuous Use) >5 Hours. STANDARDS: ASTM C805, BS 1881:202, DIN 1048, EN 12504-2, ISO 8045, NFP18-417, UNI 9189
TIME HT225-V Digital Concrete Test Hammer, TIME TC500N Concrete Test Hammer. AIMIL Concrete Test Hammer (AIM 388). TQC Concrete Inspection Hammer (mechanical) Art. No. LD0500 Impact energy :2,207 Nm, Measuring range: 10-110 N/mm2, Limitations: Sp.;>100mm. Reference standards: Uni EN 12504 n 2 ASTM C805 BS 1881. SADT Digital Concrete Test Hammer HT-225D/HT-75D/HT-20D. SADT Concrete Test Hammer HT-225A
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