BLUE STEEL Poldi type Impact Hardness Tester for Casting, Steel & Metals | poldi hardness for casting, poldi hardness bar, Poldi test set, poldi hardness tester, blue steel hardness

Poldi type Hardness Tester for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals & Metallic Thin Sheets Model : PHM & Model : PHM- II.  The hammer type Poldi impact hardness tester is useful for simple and quick determination of Brinell hardness of metals such as steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminium, Copper etc. Due to easy handling and manoeuverability, this tester is most suitable for testing heavy castings and other components, difficult to be carried to a table type hardness tester. poldi hardness tester chart, poldi hardness test procedure, poldi hardness test pdf, how to use poldi hardness tester, poldi hardness chart, poldi hardness test ppt, poldi hardness tester chart pdf, poldi test bar dealer in kolkata, poldi hardness tester price.


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