Casting Comparators as per ASTM A802/A802M-95 (2010) Standard Practice for Steel Castings, Surface Acceptance Standards, Visual Examination

The comparators form the basis of ASTM A802/A802M – 95 (2010) Standard Practice for Steel Castings, Surface Acceptance Standards, Visual Examination.  This standard comprises 31 comparators. A larger, 48 comparator set applies to ISO 11971:2008 Steel and Iron Castings – Visual examination of surface quality; BS EN 1370:1997 Founding – Surface roughness inspection by visual tactile comparators; BS EN 12454:1998 Founding. Visual examination of surface discontinuities. Steel sand castings.  (Companies that already have the ‘short’ ASTM A802 set can upgrade to the larger set by purchasing the 17 additional comparator plates). UPGRADE SET (17 comparators), PRECISION CASTINGS set of 14 comparators and a copy of BS 7900:1998, the basis of BS 7900:1998 Specification for examination of the surface texture of precision steel castings, is applicable to the procurement of steel castings manufactured by precision casting techniques. Surface Roughness (A), Surface Inclusions (B), Gas Porosity (C), Laps and Cold Shuts (D), Scabs (E), Chaplets (F), Surface Finish – Thermal Dressing (G), Surface Finish – Mechanical Dressing (H), Welds (J), Hot Tears, Mechanical Dressing – Chipping, Resin Shell Process (V), Lost Polystyrene Process (W), Shaw Process (X), Lost Wax Process (Y), Fettled Surfaces (Z). SCRATA Comparators Standards, SCRATA Comparators for the Surface Quality of Steel Castings, scrata comparators price, SCRATA Tactile Comparator Plates, SCRATA Comparator Plates for Steel Castings, scrata surface comparators, scrata standard, norma scrata, astm a802 comparators, SCRATA comparators for the definition of surface quality of steel castings, surface finish comparator chart, scrata plates, surface finish gauge comparator, Scrata visual/tactile comparators, Steel and iron castings Comparators — Visual examination of surface quality, Precision Castings comparators, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Autralia, Netherlands, Norway, scrata a1 comparator to rms, Die Casting comparators, scrata gage, Precision/Investment Castings comparators, Sand Casting comparators, Surface Finishes Comparator for Casting Process.


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