Chlor Rid International Surface Salt Testing Kits | Surface Salt Testing Kit

CHLOR RID International, Inc. manufactures surface decontamination and passivation products, along with a full line of salt testing kits, and provides the technical support to maximize their effectiveness. Surface Cleanliness is ESSENTIAL to Coating Performance Test for Salts Prevent Flash Rust Remove Salts. eCHLOR*TEST ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT OF SURFACE CHLORIDE CONTAMINATION Digital display and Data logging for 500 surface tests & verification of results. Download results for reports. All components provided and pre-measured for testing convenience. CHLOR*EXTRACT solution enhances surface chloride retrieval for accurate measurement. Easy-to-use on vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces. Retrieve Surface Sample Use the pre-measured CHLOR*EXTRACT solution and CHLOR*SLEEVE. Prepare Sample Filter CHLOR*EXTRACT through the autovial and add the chloride reagent. Test for Chlorides Insert sample bottle into the eCHLOR*TEST meter and follow the easy directions to determine the chloride level of the surface. Digital readout provides results in µg/cm2 – No need for conversion charts or calculations. All materials are pre-measured and used once for convenience and accuracy. Results based on pre-set calibrations: only use components provided by the manufacturer. Test on Bridges, Pipelines, Marine Structures, Tanks, Concrete, other Steel Structures. CHLOR*WASH Solution by Chlor-Rid International  is an organic bonding chemical blend which aids in the removal of road films, dirt, and chloride, sulfate and nitrate salts. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and is nonflammable. CHLOR*WASH is biodegradable and therefore is an integral part of a sustainable environment. HOLD*BLAST by Chor*Rid International is a cost-effective, environmentally-safe, coating-friendly additive to prevent flash rusting. Use Hold*Blast in a solution with potable water, during or after surface preparation by blasting, water-jetting, or washing. Chlor*Rid International CHLOR*RID Solution provides safe, reliable removal of soluble salts from a wide variety of surfaces prior to application of protective coatings. Chlor-Rid is suitable for removal of soluble salts on bridges, ships, storage tanks, power plants, cooling towers, and many other structures. Cost effective, safe, biodegradable remover of SOLUBLE SALTS that will cause corrosion (rust) and osmotic blisters in protective coatings (paint). CHLOR*RID DTS Solution ready-to-use solution provides a critical step in surface preparation, by removing soluable salts to ensure a salt-free surface ready for coatings application. Protective coatings are intended to prevent surface degradation; safe and environmentally-friendly ChlorRid DTS removes chlorides and sulfates from virtually all industrial surfaces to combat the risk of coatings failure due to salt contamination. CHLOR*TEST Surface Salt Test. CHLOR*TEST™* was developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination. Offers consistent, safe and reliable testing results for chloride contamination. Chlor Rid P1 CHLOR*RID in one gallon containers. Chlor Rid P10 CHLOR*RID – 5+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P20 CHLOR*RID – 55+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P30 CHLOR*RID – 160+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P40 CHLOR*RID – 320+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P90 CHLOR*RID DTS – 5+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P95 CHLOR*RID DTS – 55+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P100 CHLOR*RID DTS – 160+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P110 CHLOR*RID DTS – 320+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P225 CHLOR*WASH – 5+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P230 CHLOR*WASH – 55+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P235 CHLOR*WASH – 160+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P240 CHLOR*WASH – 320+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P260 HOLD*BLAST – 5+ Gallons. Chlor Rid P270 HOLD*BLAST – 55+ Gallons.


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