Coating Thickness Standards for Calibration of Coating Thickness Gauge | DFT test foils, zero standards

DeFelsko Coating Thickness Standards Certified Coated Metal Plates and Polystyrene Blocks – Order Code S1 Epoxy on Steel (Ferrous) PosiTector 6000 F, FS, FRS, FN, FNS, FNRS PosiTest F & FM, Order Code S2 PosiTector 6000 F0S, F45S, F90S PosiTest DFT Ferrous & Combo, Order Code S3 PosiTest G & GM PosiPen A, B & C, Order Code A1 Epoxy on Aluminum (NonFerrous) PosiTector 6000 N, NS, NRS, FN, FNS, FNRS, Order Code A2 PosiTector 6000 NAS, N0S, N45S, N90S PosiTest DFT Combo, Order Code A3 PosiTector 100B, 200, 200B, Order Code P1 Polystyrene Blocks PosiTector 6000 FT, FTS, NTS, FNTS, Order Code P2 PosiTector 6000 FHS, NHS, EOC, Order Code P3 PosiTector 100C, Order Code P4 PosiTector 100D, Order Code P5 PosiTector 6000 FKS, NKS, Order Code P6 PosiTector 200C. Certified Plastic Shims CS1, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS10, CS20, CS40, CS60, CSS, Non-Certified Plastic Shims, certified coating thickness calibration standards, coating thickness standards calibration, film thickness calibration standards, nist thickness standards, coating thickness calibration foils, paint coating thickness standards, paint thickness calibration shims, coating thickness gauge calibration procedure.
ELCOMETER Coated Thickness Standards T995111262, T995111271, T995111263, T995111261. Zero Test Plates Part Number Ferrous – T9994910-, T9999529-, T9994054-, T99916925, Non-Ferrous – T9994911-, T9999530-, T9994055-, T99916901. Elcometer 990 Individual Precision Calibration Foils – Part Number T99022570-1A Silver, T99022570-2A Purple, T99022570-4A Dark Blue, T99022570-6A Green, T99022570-7A Brown, T99022570-9A Peacock Blue, T99022570-10A White, T99022570-12A Black, T99022570-14A Grey-Blue, T99022570-16A Clear, T99022570-17A Off White, T99022570-18A Clear, T99022570-20A Clear, T99022570-21A Clear, T99022570-23A Clear, T45618978-2** Grey, T45618978-3** Grey. Elcometer 990 Calibration Foil Sets – Un-Certified – T99022255-1, T99022255-2, T99022255-3, T99022255-4, T99022255-5, T99022255-6, T99022255-7, T99022255-8, Certified – T99022255-1C, T99022255-2C, T99022255-3C, T99022255-4C, T99022255-5C, T99022255-6C, T99022255-7C, T99022255-8C


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