Color Matching Light

3M™ 16650 PPS™ SUN GUN™ II Light Kit TQC Art. No. VF0550 Color Matching Light is an essential tool for paint shop professionals. Match paint color chips, identify paint flaws and check for full coverage of newly sprayed paint. Eliminate the guesswork from paint refinishing and get perfectly matched results with the 3M Sun Gun. The 3M Sun Gun Color Matching Light guides you through the entire refinishing process. Identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, swirls, and sand-scratches. Such imperfections are invisible in regular light. Verify color matches using spray-outs or variants. Check for full paint coverage and post-paint imperfections before applying clear coat. colour matching lamps, scangrip light, scangrip color match light, automotive color matching light, LED Color Matching.


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