Colour Matching Cabinet / Light Booth / Colour Assessment Cabinets

Colour Matching Cabinet / Light Booth / Colour Assessment Cabinets
Scan-O-Lite (2 Ft.), Scan-O-Lite (1 Ft.), Spectrum Asia II, Pantone 3 Light Booth, X Rite Judge QC, X Rite Judge II, X Rite SpectraLight QC, TQC Art. No. VF0600, TQC Art. No. VF1200, TQC LIGHT2GO Art. No. VF0800, ELCOMETER 6300 MM-1E, ELCOMETER 6300 MM-2E, ELCOMETER 6300 MM-4E, ELCOMETER 6300 MM-1E UV/65, ELCOMETER 6300 MM-2E UV/65
Colour assessment is a very individual matter and varies widely. It is neither possible to memorise colour impressions completely nor to communicate the assessment in words. Modern methods of colour measurement which are independent of the user permit accurate identification of colour data for control, comparison, specification and other purposes. Since colour impressions are influenced by gloss properties simultaneous gloss measurement is advisable. COLORBOX – ILLUMINATED ASSESSMENT CABINETS, Colour Assessment Cabinets, PORTABLE COLOUR ASSESSMENT LIGHT
The importance of proper lighting for color matching need not be emphasized due to the phenomenon of Metamerism samples appear to match in one illuminant and mismatch in other illuminants. Scan-O-Lite offers you consistency in illumination, whether it is in the day or night or whether you are examining color in your factory, office or at the customers end. You are assured of uniform and standard illumination. Scan-O-Lite is a very important tool for your modern laboratory and on your shop floor. Immediate visual check for metamerism, fluorescent pigments and strength of optical brighteners etc. changes here. colour assessment cabinet india, verivide light box suppliers, verivide light box price, verivide color matching cabinet, colour matching cabinet manufacturers, color matching light box price, colour matching cabinet india, colour matching cabinet kolkata, macbeth color matching cabinet, color matching cabinet price, verivide light box manual, color matching cabinet suppliers, light box color assessment cabinet, color matching cabinet price.
STANDARDS: AS/NZS 1580.601.1, ASTM D1729, ASTM D 4086, BS-950-1, ISO 3668, JIS K 5600-4-3, SAE J361, TAPPI T 515, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI


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