Eitching, Engraving & Marking Electric Pencil

Dremel Engraver – Model 290-01 Carbide Point – Model 9924, Diamond Point – Model 9929 Motor: 115V, AC/115V, 60Hz, .2 amps/0,2 A Strokes: 7,200/SPM. Electric Pencil has been perfected by years of constant research and is one of the finest instruments of its kind. Eitching Electric Pencil writes evenly and smoothly, giving a clear, black impression regardless of the hardness or softness of the metal. A variable current output provides for six different degrees of writing enable efficient etching on any metal. Operated from a separate transformer unit with variable settings, etching of depth from light to heavy are possible. The Transformers are manufactured according to Factory Regulations and are engineered to be as light as possible. The power input voltage is 200/240 volts, AC 50Hz. Current consumption is negligible. The transformer absorbs 4 to 6 watts continuously and about 20 to 40 watts when the pencil is in operation There is no possibility of electric shock and the actual arc is mild so as not affect the eyes. Needles are made of special heat – resistant alloy and retain their sharpness for a long period. When the point becomes blunt, it may be readily sharpened with a fine abrasive wheel. For best results, use only Needles with the electric pencil. how to use an electric pencil engraver, wen electric engraver model 21, wen engraver, electro pencil for sale, electric arc etching pen, Scriptograf Engraving & Marking Machine, new age electric arc etching pen, electric arc etching pencil, Ajax Pencil, Ajax® Electric Marking M/C, SE – 900, SE – 2000, SG – 1 Engraving M/C, SG – 2 Engraving M/C, SG – 4 Inside Ring Engraver, model 300 electric arc etching pen, how to make an electric etcher, electric arc marking pencil, actograph electric arc engraver, electro spark engraver. STANDARD ACCESSORIES – ELECTRIC PENCIL – Transformer 200/240 volts AC 50 Hz. Electric Pencil with connecting lead. Contact Plate with connecting lead. heat-resistant alloy needles (3 nos ).


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