Elcometer 138 E138-A Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D4940

Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D4940 E138-A Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit with Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter Measurement Range 0 μS/cm to 200.0 μS/cm, 0 μS/cm to 2000 μS/cm, 0 mS/cm to 20.00 mS/cm. T13827355 Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter, T13827455 Replacement Sensor for Conductivity Meter, T13827352-2 Standard 1413 μS/cm (1.413 mS/cm) Calibration Solution – 4 x 20ml (0.74fl oz) Single Use Pouches, T13827494 Pure Distilled Water 1000ml (33.8fl oz) Bottle, T13827495 Glass Beaker 100ml (3.4fl oz), T13827496 Glass Beaker 600ml (20.3fl oz), T13827498 Plastic Measuring Beaker 500ml (16.9fl oz), T13827497 Funnel, T13827499 Stirring Rod, T13827500 Box of 100 Filter Papers (Grade 413). Abrasives used for blast cleaning surfaces can be contaminated with soluble salts due to the source or the re-use of the blasting media. This contamination can be transferred to the blast cleaned surface and result in accelerated corrosion conditions and also cause premature coating failure, if this contamination is not removed prior to applying the coating. Testing abrasives on site for soluble salt contamination can be carried out quickly and easily using the Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit, according to the ASTM D4940 method. A measured volume of the abrasive is mixed with the same volume of water and agitated to allow any soluble salts to dissolve in the water. The resulting slurry is allowed to settle and the filtered water can then be tested usinga conductivity meter. The Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit provides all that is needed to carry out the test in the field or in the laboratory.


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