ELCOMETER Holiday Detector

ELCOMETER 270 Pinhole Detector Wet Sponge Detector Model Elcometer 270/3 Elcometer 270/4 Certificate Part Number D270— 3 Part Number with Certificate D270—-3C D270—-4, Part Number with Certificate D270—-4C. Voltage 9V and 90V 9V, 67.5V and 90V Coating Range (Max) 500μm (20mils) 500μm (20mils). Accessories T27016867 Standard wand A universal flat sponge to suit almost all applications, T27018050 Spare flat sponge set Pack of 3 sponges; 150 x 60 x 25mm (6 x 2.3 x 1”), T27016998 Telescopic wand adaptor with belt clip – extends to 1m(39”), ideal for floors or high areas, T27016999 Separate wand adaptor with belt clip – converts the gauge into a separate pinhole detector, T27016960 Roller sponge wand Ideal for large flat surface inspection, T27018051 Spare roller sponge, T27016965 Extension piece 420mm (16.5”) extensions to expand operators reach. Additional extension pieces can be connected to each other, T99916954 Return cable – 4m (13’) supplied as standard, complete with crocodile clip and connection plug, T99916996 Return cable – 10m (32’) supplied on a drum, complete with clip and connection plug, T27018024 Wetting agent 50ml (1.7floz) bottle – helps aid the fast detection of pinholes. Just add to the water used to dampen the sponge. ELCOMETER 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector. Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector Inspection Kit D280-S-KIT, D280-T-KIT, Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector D280-S, D280-T Rugged, Shockproof & Water Resistant, Integrated Safety Trigger Switch, Quick Release Battery Pack, Internal Jeep Tester, Integrated Voltage Calculator, Pulsed DC High Voltage Range 0.5kV – 35kV, Voltage Adjustment User adjustable: 0.5 – 1kV: 10 Volt steps, 1 – 35kV: 100V steps, High Voltage Output Accuracy ±5% or ±50V below 1000 Volts, Pulse Repetition Rate ~30Hz. Elcometer Limited Manchester England India ELCOMETER 266 Holiday Detector T26620033-1 Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Voltageǂ** DC5 (0.5 – 5kV), T26620033-1C Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Certifiedǂ** DC5 (0.5 – 5kV), T26620033-2 Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Voltageǂ** DC15 (0.5 – 15kV), T26620033-2C Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Certifiedǂ** DC15 (0.5 – 15kV), T26620033-3 Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Voltageǂ** DC30 (0.5 – 30kV), T26620033-3C Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Certifiedǂ** DC30 (0.5 – 30kV), T26620033-4 Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Voltageǂ** (Continuous Voltage) DC30S (0.5 – 30kV), T26620033-4C Elcometer 266 Probe Handle Certifiedǂ** (Continuous Voltage) DC30S (0.5 – 30kV), T26620081 Second Hand Grip DC5 (0.5 – 5kV). ELCOMETER 236 Holiday Detector Elcometer 236 15kV Elcometer 236 30kV Certificate Part Number D236–15KV D236–30KV, Part Number with Certificate D236–15KVC D236–30KVC, Voltage Output 0.5 – 15kV in 100V steps 0.5 – 30kV in 100V steps, Display Resolution 0.01kV 0.1kV, Approximate Thickness Range 0 – 3.75mm (0 – 150mils) 0 – 7.5mm (0 – 300mils), Alarms Audible & Visual, Power Supply 12V internal rechargeable battery. Accessories T23622790-1 Telescopic probe handle, 600 – 1200mm (24 – 47”), T23622790-2 Telescopic probe handle, 1800 – 3600mm (71 – 142”), T236139031 2m (6.5’) earth signal return lead, T236139032 10m (32’) earth signal return lead, T23615550 External battery pack (doubles operational use between charges). STANDARDS: AS 3894.1, ANSI/AWWA C203, ANSI/AWWA C214, ASTM D4787, ASTM D5162, ISO 29601, NACE RP0274, NACE SP0188, NACE SP0490, NACE TM0186, NACE TM0384, AS 3894.2, ASTM D 5162-A, ASTM G6, ASTM G62-A, BS 7793-2, ISO 8289-A, ISO 14654, JIS K 6766, ASTM C 536, ASTM C 537, ASTM D 5162-B, ASTM G 62-B, BS1344-11, DIN 55670, EN 14430, ISO 2746, ISO 29601


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