ELECOAT- C Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Non Ferrous | dft gauge for stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass

Range 0-1500 Micron µm / 1.5 mm, Range 0-2000 Micron µm / 0-2 mm, Range 0-3000 Micron µm / 0-3 mm, Range 0-6000 Micron µm / 0-6 mm, Range 0-12000 Micron µm / 0-12 mm
Coating thickness gauges utilize this non-destructive principle when measuring coatings on non-magnetic substrates such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, bronze, copper, brass tin and rustproof weak magnetic steels. The coatings must be electrically insulating such as; paint, enamel, plastics, anodized coatings, metal spray, powder coating and ceramics etc. Paint Test Instruments, Paint Testing Equipments, Paint Testing Instruments, Paint Inspection Gauges, Paint Inspection Instruments, Paint Inspection Equipments, Coating Inspection Instruments, Coating Inspection Equipments, Coating Testing Instruments, Coating Testing Equipments, India.


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