ELECOAT-MS Statistical Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous

Range 0-1500 Micron µm / 1.5 MM, Range 0-2000 Micron µm / 0-2 MM, Range 0-3000 Micron µm / 0-3 MM, Range 0-6000 Micron µm / 0-6 MM
The instrument ELECOAT-MS has special functions they are as follows:- STATS : – This includes various numerical functions which shows the following data : Main reading. Number of readings. Maximum reading. Minimum reading. Average reading. Standard deviation. TOL : This function is unique and best in class, preferably used as go-no.go functions it records the data only if it is correct. Say for Instance a tolerance of 2% is set for 100 microns then it will only show the reading between 98 and 102 microns .Data other than these two limits will not be recorded. Data if traced wrong say 95 microns in earlier case will give error beep. Hence it is easy to judge audio as well as from display. DATA : – It will show all the data in simplified and detailed manner which will include last 50nos of stored readings. Also it will give brief conclusive idea regarding the readings taken. Aesthetic Display Feature The display used is graphic which gives more readability and visibility. The font used for main reading is bigger compared to other letters. Night vision is available as the display consists of blue backlit.


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