Imada Lutron Analogue & Digital Force Gauge

IMADA – Japan, Lutron – Taiwan
IMADA Push / Pull Mechanical Force Gauge Series FB . Imada Model FB-32oz. Imada Model FB-80oz. Imada Model FB-2. Imada Model FB-5. Imada Model FB-10. Imada Model FB-20. Imada Model FB-30. Imada Model FB-50. Imada Model FB-100. Imada Model FB-150. IMADA Precise Push / Pull Mechanical Force Gauge – Series PS Imada Model PS-32 oz. Imada Model PS-80oz. Imada Model PS-2. Imada Model PS-5. Imada Model PS-10. Imada Model PS-20. Imada Model PS-30. Imada Model PS-50. Imada Model PS-100. IMADA High Capacity Mechanical Force Gauge – Series ESH / PSH IMADA Model ESH-200. Imada Model ESH-300. Imada Model ESH-400. Imada Model ESH-500. Imada Model PSH-200. Imada Model PSH-300. Imada Model PSH-400. Imada Model PSH-500. IMADA Economical Digital Force Gauge – Series DS2 Imada Model Model DS2-0.4. Imada Model DS2-1. Imada Model DS2-4. Imada Model DS2-11. Imada Model DS2-44. Imada Model DS2-110. Imada Model DS2-220. IMADA ZT Series Digital Force Gauge with Luminescent EL Display, Intuitive Menu Driven Interface. IMADA Model ZTS (Standard) Imada Model ZTS-0.4. Imada Model ZTS-1. Imada Model ZTS-4. Imada Model ZTS-11. Imada Model ZTS-44. Imada Model ZTS-110. Imada Model ZTS-220. Imada Model ZTS-550. Imada Model ZTS-1100. IMADA Model ZTA (Advanced) Imada Model ZTA-0.4. Imada Model ZTA-1. Imada Model ZTA-4. Imada Model ZTA-11. Imada Model ZTA-44. Imada Model ZTA-110. Imada Model ZTA-220. Imada Model ZTA-550. Imada Model ZTA-1100. Lutron Force gauges – Lutron Model FG-20KG. Lutron Model FG-20KG-232. Lutron Model FG-5000A. Lutron Model FG-5000A-232. Lutron Model FG-5005. Lutron Model FG-5020. Lutron Model FG-5100. Lutron Model FS-1001.
SVL-220 Vertical Lever Test Stand, SVL-220 without distance meter, SVL-220-S with distance meter. NLV-220 Vertical Lever Test Stand, NLV-220-C Compression Stand, NLV-220-T Tension Stand, NLV-220-C-S Compression Stand with distance meter, NLV-220-T-S Tension Stand with distance meter. NLH-220 Horizontal Lever Test Stand, NLH-220-S with distance meter. SVH-220 Vertical Wheel Test Stand, SVH-220-S with distance meter. HV Vertical Wheel Test Stand HV Series HV-110, HV-110-L, HV-220, HV-220-L, HV-300, HV-500, HV-750, HV-110-S, HV-110-L-S, HV-220-S, HV-220-L-S, HV-300-S, HV-500-S, HV-750-S. KV-11-S Micro-Movement Test Stand, KV-11-S Micro-Movement Test Stand with Distance Meter. Motorized Force Measurement Test Stands Model MX-110, MX-275, MX-1100. MX2 High Performance Motorized Test Stands MX2-110, MX2-110-S, MX2-110-FA, MX2-275, MX2-275-S, MX2-275-FA, MX2-550, MX2-550-S, MX2-550-FA. Ultra Precision Motorized Vertical Test Stand EMX-275, EMX-275-S, EMX-275-FA. MH2-110 Motorized Test Stand. MH2-110-S with Standard Digital Distance Meter, MH2-110-FA with High Speed Distance Meter. MH-275 Motorized Test Stand, MH-275-S with Standard Digital Distance Meter. MH-750 Motorized Test Stand. FSA-MSL Portable Mini-Material Force/Displacement Tester FSA-MSL-0.4, FSA-MSL-1, FSA-MSL-4, FSA-MSL-11. Integrated Force & Displacement Material Testers FSA-0.5K2-xx, FSA-0.5K2-1, FSA-0.5K2-4, FSA-0.5K2-11, FSA-0.5K2-44, FSA-0.5K2-110, FSA-1K2-xx, FSA-1K2-1, FSA-1K2-4, FSA-1K2-11, FSA-1K2-44, FSA-1K2-110, FSA-1K2-220, FSA-2.5K2-xx, FSA-2.5K2-1, FSA-2.5K2-4, FSA-2.5K2-11, FSA-2.5K2-44, FSA-2.5K2-110, FSA-2.5K2-220, FSA-2.5K2-550. Integrated Force & Displacement Material Testers FSA-1KE-xx, FSA-1KE-1, FSA-1KE-4, FSA-1KE-11, FSA-1KE-44, FSA-1KE-110, FSA-1KE-275. NLV-220-C-S test stand with distance meter. Wheel Operated Digital Compression Tester HV-110 test stand. Motorized Compression Tester MX-110 Motorized Test Stand. Digital Force Gauges Alluris FMI Digital Force Gauges Mechanical Force Gauges Mechanical Test Stands Motorized Test Stands Force Sensors Force Test Systems Wire Terminal Pull Testers Physical Therapy and Strength Testing Kits Peel Testers Puncture Testers Force Gauge Accessories Imada Fo+C342rce Gauges Mark-10 Force Gauges. Shimpo Force Gauges Imada Force Gauge Attachments Mark-10 Force Gauge Grips and Attachments. force gauge price. tension force gauge. Shimpo Force Gauge Attachments Mark-10 Legacy Products. tension force gauge.


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