HEDON Soluble Salt Meter

The Soluble Salt Meter is a patented design that provide a hand held, automated method for detection of soluble salts on surfaces. This meter is used in the measurement of salt contents on the pipeline / ferrous structures before painting its surfaces.
A new inspection tool has been developed to replace the Bresle patch method for soluble salt de-termination. This Soluble Salt Meter, for which United States Patent No. 8,252,600 was issued on August 28 2012, was designed around the current Bresle patch salt inspection method. The Soluble Salt Meter test protocol exactly duplicates the Bresle process, except that measurements are automated and there are no consumables. The complete test sequence requires only one minute. The Soluble Salt Meter is approved as an authorized alternative to the Bresle patch method. HedoNs electronic engineers have, in close association with the coating industry, developed a revolutionary measurement method equivalent to ISO 8502‐9. The entire measurement process has been automated by the Soluble Salt Meter 2.0. Deionized water will be injected and water soluble salts are dissolved during  an automated washing procedure. The exact value in either µS/cm or mg/m² can be read on the display. The values are stored and can be uploaded to your PC to use in a Coating Technical File. All of this within 1 minute while using other methods require a minimum of 8 minutes. Specifications Standards Equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9 (Field method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts; The Bresle method) in accordance with NACE  SP0508-2008. Measurement Area 1250 mm (circular) fixed footprint Attachment Method Magnetic with silicone seal (no effect on surface quality; proven to seal over deep pits), Water Injection Method Automated with simple press of fixed volume dispenser, Dose 3 ± 0.05 ml, Measurement Process Steps 5, Total Process Time 60 seconds (measurement to measurement), Measurement Range 0-100 µS/cm, Resolution 1 µS/cm, Measurement Accuracy ± 3 µS/cm, Surface Temperature Range 5 – 50 °C (41 – 122 °F), Temperature probe accuracy ± 0,3 °C (± 0,54 °F), Diameter of curvature: – Standard measuring head >= 44 inch / 1100mm, Measuring head 1 26 <=> 42 inch / 650 <=> 1050mm, Measuring head 2 14 <=> 24 inch / 350 <=> 600 mm, Measuring head 3 8 <=> 12 inch / 200 <=> 300 mm, Readout µS/cm or mg/m2, Memory Holds up to 1000 measurements (10 batches of up to 100 measurements each), Connectivity via USB with PC or laptop, Power Supply Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, IP Rating IP54, Dimensions (Instrument only) 21 x 10 x 8 cm, Weight ( Instrument only ) 780 gr. HedoN Electronic developments BV india. The Soluble Salt Meter kit. All you need for saltmeasurement on steel surfaces. Soluble Salt Meter: 8x Faster compared to the Bresle Method. The BuyLite kit is all you need to get started and to experience all the advantages of the Soluble Salt Meter. This kit contains: Soluble Salt Meter, SSM adapter flat surface, Dispenser, Power supply, USB cable and PC Software, Calibration fluid, Carrying case, Certificate of performance, 50 measurements (credits). Standards : Equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9 (Field method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts; The Bresle method) in accordance with NACE SP0508-2010. Automated Soluble Salt Meter.


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