Ullman LED Lighted Telescoping / Extendable Round Inspection Mirror HTE-2LT, HTC-2LT, HTS-2LT

Inspection Mirrors – For all angle viewing
ULLMAN HTE-2LT : 1 3/8″ mirror diameter, Telescopes from 6.1/2″ to 35.1/2″.
ULLMAN HTC-2LT : 2 3/8″ mirror diameter, Telescopes from 6.3/4″ To 37″
ULLMAN HTS-2LT : 3 3/8″ mirror diameter, Telescopes from 6.3/4″ to 30.1/4″

Inspection Mirrors – For all angle viewing Original All-Angle Joint Mirrors with brushed finish stainless steel mirror backs Fast, accurate visual inspection of hidden areas with an almost limitless number of positions. Double ball joint links swivel mirrors for viewing to 360°. Ullman’s precision engineered links are manufactured from tempered spring steel to withstand the stresses of constant repositioning, move freely, and hold desired position. Pipeline Inspection Mirror, under vehicle search mirror price in india, inspection mirror with led light, under vehicle inspection mirror price, telescopic inspection mirror, Inspection Mirror Extendable with LED Light, Inspection Mirror telescoping with LED Light, large inspection mirror, telescopic inspection mirror with light,ullman devices corporation India kolkata, mumbai, inspection mirror replacement glass, vehicle inspection mirror, welding inspection mirror, stainless steel inspection mirror, Blasting Inspection Mirror, Welding Mirror, Welding Inspection Mirrors, Ullman Inspection Mirror in india, Round Inpection Mirror, Circular Inspection Mirror, Rectangular Inspection Mirror.


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