MAGNAFLUX – NDT & MPI Equipments & Consumables

Magnaflux Visible Dry Method Products – Magnaflux Magnavis-1 Gray F03001, 01-1716-69, 01-1716-87. Magnaflux Magnavis-8A Red F03002, 01-1780-69, 01-1780-87. Magnaflux Magnavis 2 Yellow 01-1732-69, 01-1732-87. Magnaflux Magnavis 3A Black 01-1748-87. Magnaflux MPI Equipment – CD Series Stationary Power Pack units CD-2060, CD-2100, CD-2100HV. Magnaflux CMD Series Multi Directional stationary power pack CMD-2030, Magnaflux CMD-2060, CMD3-2060. Magnaflux CSV Series CSV-10, CSV-15, CSV-20. Magnaflux MD-Series Multi-Directional unit MD-2030, MD-2060, MD3-2060. Magnaflux D-Series most powerful standard wet bench unit D-2060, D-2100, D-2100XLA, D-2100XL5. Magnaflux A-Series standard wet bench unit A-2030, AD-2045, ADH-2045. Magnaflux Inspection Hoods. Mag Kit. Portable Power Pack P-70 P/N 190575 – 115v OR P/N 190575-1 – 230v, P-1500 P/N 198500. M-Series Mobile Power Packs M-2030, M-2040, M-2060. Magnaflux SB Series demagnetization units SB-1416, SB-1619, SB-2824. S Series compact table-top demagnetization systems S-66, S-1212. Magnaflux Zyglo Water Washable Penetrant – Zyglo ZL-19 WW F02001, F02002. Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-56 WW F02019, F02024, F02006. Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-67 WW F02004, F02005. Zyglo ZL-60D WW 01-3272-40, 01-3272-30, 01-3272-45. Zyglo ZL-15B WW F02021. Zyglo Compact Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems – Post Emulsified Hydrophilic Fluorescent Penetrant Zyglo ZA-1227. Magnaflux Post Emulsified Lipophilic Fluorescent Penetrant Zyglo ZA-1227. Magnaflux Water Wash Fluorescent Penetrant Zyglo ZA-1227, Zyglo ZA-1633. Post Emulsified Hydrophilic Fluorescent Zyglo ZA-1633. Magnaflux Post Emulsified Lipophilic Fluorescent Zyglo ZA-1633. Magnaflux Visible Wet Method Particles – Magnavis 7C Black Concentrate F03003. Magnaflux Magnavis-7HF Black Premix F03017. Magnaflux Magnavis-9C Red Concentrate F03004. Magnaflux Magnavis 7HF Black Visible Magnetic Particles 01-1580-78. Magnaflux Zyglo Additive – Zyglo LT-101 (Oil Based) F02017. Magnaflux 615 Rust Inhibitor 01-6120-45, 01-6120-40. Magnaflux Fluorescent Wet Method – Magnaglo-14A F03008, F03009. Magnaflux Magnaglo-14AM F05011. Magnaflux Magnaglo-14A Aqua-Glo 01-1725-38. Magnaflux Magnaglo-MG-410 F03012, F03013. Magnaflux Magnaglo-MG-2410 F03014. Magnaflux Magnaglo14A Redi-Bath F03019. Magnaflux Magnaglo-20B F03010. Magnaflux Magnaglo 01-0199-84. Magnaflux Zyglo Developers –  Zyglo ZP-4B Dry Powder F02015, F02016. Magnaflux Zyglo ZP-5B Water Suspendible F02022. Magnaflux Zyglo ZP-9F Developer 01-3354-40, 01-3354-78. Magnaflux ZP-14A Water Soluble 01-3381-75, 01-3381-89. Magnaflux Daraclean Neutral Cleaners – Daraclean® 212 F07001, F07002. Magnaflux Daraclean® 235 F07005, F07006. Daraclean® 236 F07007, F07008. Magnaflux Daraclean Heavy Duty Cleaners – Daraclean 257 Alkaline Cleaner 01-6090-40, 01-6090-45. Magnaflux Daraclean 200 Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner 01-6020-40, 01-6020-45. Magnaflux Daraclean 259 Alkaline Cleaner 01-6160-45. Magnaflux Daraclean Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner 283 01-6060-40, 01-6060-45. Magnaflux MagnaVu Dip Alkaline Cleaner 01-5731-40, 01-5731-45. Magnaflux Daraclean Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner 238 01-6080-45. Magnaflux Sonotech General Purpose Couplants such as Sonoglide UP, Sonoglide FE, Sonotech Echogel, Sonotech Ultragel II, Sonotech Soundclear 60, Sonotech Soundsafe, Sonotech UT-X Powder, Sonotrace. Magnaflux Sonotech High Temperature Couplants such as Sonotech Pyrogel and Sono. Magnaflux Sonotech Specialty Application Couplants such as Shear Gel and Hihg Z. Magnaflux Zyglo Emulsifiers – Magnaflux Hydrophilic ZR-10B Emulsifier Method D F02013, F02014. Magnaflux Lipophilic ZE-4E Emulsifier Method B F02028.  Magnaflux Zyglo® ZA-70 Portable (aerosol) Fluorescent Kit 600047. Hand Sprayer Applicators – Magnaflux Dry Powder Application Bulb 501232. Magnaflux Portable Pressure Sprayer 625774. Magnaflux Water Spray Gun 520090. Magnaflux Dry Developer Spray Gun D03027. Magnaflux Hydro-Wash Spray Gun D03013. Magnaflux Portable Pressure Sprayer D03028. Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Spray System 621778. Magnaflux portable magnetic powder blower 620936. Magnaflux Post Emulsifiable Penetrant – Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-27A PE F02011, F02009, F02010. Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-37 PE F02027, F02020, F02025, F02012. Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-2C PE F02007, F02008. Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection – Magnaflux Self Ballasted Black Light ZB-150F-SB. Magnaflux Daraclean 212 Aerospace Cleaner 01-6030-40, 01-6030-45, F07001, F07002. Magnaflux Zyglo ZL-19 WW for Laminations. Magnaflux Spotcheck Kits – Magnaflux Spotcheck SK-816 Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Kit 01-5920-48. Magnaflux Spotcheck®SK-416 Spotcheck Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Kit 01-5970-48. Water Bath Additives – Magnaflux Magnaglo-WA-2B Water Conditioner FO3005 01-2148-63.   Magnaflux Magnaglo® AX-52 Corrosion Inhibitor 01-2190-40. Magnaflux Magnaglo® WC-1 is liquid water conditioner 01-2173-40. Magnaflux Magnaglo® ZAF-2 Non-Silicone Anti-Foam 01-9410-20. Magnaflux Magnaglo Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit 600088. Magnaflux Magnavis® Non-Fluorescent Test Kit 45295. Magnaflux Magnavis® WCP-2 Contrast Paint F03016. Water Washable Penetrant – Magnaflux Spotcheck® SKL-WP water washable penetrant F01004, F01003. Magnaflux Spotcheck® SKL-WP2 water washable penetrant 01-5190-78, 01-5190-35, 01-5190-40, 01-5190-45. Magnaflux Spotcheck® SKL-4C for Leak detection and ceramic and plastic part inspection 01-5125-40, 01-5125-45. Magnaflux Contact Pads and Plates – Magnaflux Copper Pad 1848, 18948, 18949, 14818. Magnaflux Copper Pad Lead Plate 605647, 605657. Magnaflux Copper Double Pad V-Block 18948. Magnaflux Copper Double Pad Clip 18949, 114184. Magnaflux MPI Accessories – Magnaflux Digital Hall Effect Meter 622604. Magnaflux Centrifuge Accessories. Magnaflux Digital Amperage Meter Kit 622350. Magnaflux Yoke Light Kits 623745, 621785. Magnaflux Cables and Connectors. Magnaflux Split Coils. Magnaflux Clam Shell Coil Assy. Magnaflux Coil. Magnaflux Flat Magnetic Coil. Magnaflux Bench Unit Coils. Magnaflux Steady Rests. Magnaflux Contact Block. Small Parts Adaptors. Magnaflux Central Conductors. Magnaflux Remote Control Cable. Magnaflux Remote Palm Button. Magnaflux Pie Field Indicator 169799. Magnaflux Quick Break Tester. Magnaflux Standard Prod Sets. Magnaflux Dual Prod Assemblies. Magnaflux Contact Clamps. Magnaflux Centrifuge Tubes.


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