Illuminated Magnifiers & Microscopes

ILLUMINATED MAGNIFIER FLASH LOUPE30 No.M-10010x30mm(1 ¼”), FLASH LOUPE50 No.M-885x50mm(2″)
Pocket Microscope-30X, Brinell Microscope-25X, Portable Inspection Microscope- 50X & 100X, Magnascope – 2.5X & 5X, Stereo Microscope- 20X,30X, 40X & 60X, Stereo Zoom Microscope-10X to 75X, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope-25X to 1500X, USB MEASURING MICROSCOPE, POCKET MAGNIFIER, LINEN TESTER, SCALE LOUPE, POCKET MICROSCOPE, METAL HOLDERS LOUPE, PENDANT MAGNIFIER, STAND MAGNIFIER, GOOSE NECK MAGNIFIER, GALLERY SCOPE, HAND TELESCOPE. ELCOMETER 137 H137—-1 Illuminated (x10) Magnifier. ELCOMETER 7210 KT007210M001 Pocket (x30) Microscope. illuminated magnifier 10x, illuminated magnifier india, eschenbach magnifying glass, eschenbach hand held magnifier, illuminated stand magnifier, illuminated magnifier handheld, illuminated magnifier lamp, illuminated magnifier table lamp. ELCOMETER 900 W90018568-D Illuminated (x50) Microscope.


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