Metallographic Equipment

Time Low Speed Precise Cutting Machine JMQ-12, Time Low Speed Precise Cutting Machine QG-4, Time Grinding and Polishing Machine YMP-1A, Time UniCut Series Manual Cutter, Time Series Manual Cutter UniCut 250, Time Series Manual Cutter UniCut 300, Time Metallographic Cutter UNICUT 400, Time Automatic Cutter AutoCut 230/250, Time Double Speed Metallographic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine YMP-2B, Time UniPol GP Series Grinder Polisher, Time Semi-automatic grinder polisher GP-1B/GP-2B, Time Automatic Grinder Polisher UniPol GP-1A/2A, Time Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press ZXQ-1, Time AutoPress Series Automated Mounting Press. Metallurgical Automatic Digital Specimen Spectro SampleĀ  Plane Grinding Polishing Lapping Single Disc, Double Disc Machine. AutomaticĀ  Metallurgical Specimen Sample Mounting Machine /Press. Manual/Semi-Automatic/Automatic Metallurgical Abrasive Bar/ Specimen Cutting / Abrasive Cut-off Machine. Precision Diamond Cutting / Sectioning Saw. Metallurgical Specimen Preparation Cutting Machine. Metallurgical Moulding Press. Metallurgical Microstructure Specimen Sets. Specimen Leveling press. Specimen Sets. Dry & Wet Belt Grinder. Abrasive Band Grinder. Hydraulic/Automatic/Semi Automatic Mounting Press. Metallurgical furnace. Laboratory Furnace. Metallurgical Microscope. Brinell Microscope


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