Peel Test Cutter for for Pipeline Coatings | Peel Test Cutter, Peel Cutter for Pipeline, Peel Cutter

Peel Test Cutter is for measuring material tensile or seal strength. field joint anti-corrosion coating of buried onshore pipelines factory coated with either three layer polyethylene or fusion bonded epoxy coating, byheat shrink wraparound sleeves or by cold applied tapes conforming to DIN EN 12068 – “Cathodic Protection – External Organic Coatings for the Corrosion Protection of Buried or Immersed Steel Pipelines used in Conjunction with Cathodic Protection – Tapes and Shrinkable Materials” and the requirements of this specification. From each test sleeve selected as above, one or more strips of size 25mm x 200mm shall be cut perpendicular to the pipe axis and slowly peeled off.


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