Peel Test Gauge for Cross Country Pipeline | peel test gauge, pipeline pull of gauge

Peel Test Gauge for Cross Country Pipeline

Salter Super samson Hand-held, light weighing device with overload protection and tare mechanism. Ideal for Peel test applications. 10 kgs x 50grams, 15 kgs x 100 grams, 20 kgs x 100 grams, 25 kgs x 100 grams. Spring scale, 5kg d=50g 80005 Spring scale, 5kg d=50g brown, Macro Line Capacity: 5kg-10lbs. Spring scale, 10kg d=100g 80010 Spring scale, 10kg d=100g green, Macro Line Capacity: 10kg-20lbs. Spring scale, 5kg/10lbs d=50g/2ozs 80015 Spring scale, 5kg/10lbs d=50g/2ozs brown, Macro Line Spring scale, 20kg d=200g 80020 Spring scale, 20kg d=200g blue, Macro Line Capacity: 20kg-40lbs. Spring scale, 35kg d=500g, red 80035 Spring scale, 35kg d=500g, red (rupture tests up to 30kg), Macro Line Capacity: 35kg, 50kg. Spring scale, 50N d=0.5N 80049 Spring scale, 50N d=0.5N brown, Macro Line. Spring scale, 50kg d=500g, black 80050 Spring scale, 50kg d=500g, black (rupture tests up to 30kg), Macro Line. Spring scale, 100N d=1N 80098 Spring scale, 100N d=1N green, Macro Line. Spring scale 50kg/100 lb d=500g/1lb 80150 Spring scale 50kg/100 lb d=500g/1lb black, (rupture tests up to 30kg). Spring scale, 200N d=2N 80196 Spring scale, 200N d=2N blue, Macro Line. Spring scale, 10kg/20lb d=100g/4ozs 80210 Spring scale, 10kg/20lb d=100g/4ozs green, Macro Line. Spring scale, 20kg/40lb d=200g/8ozs 80420 Spring scale, 20kg/40lb d=200g/8ozs blue, Macro Line. Spring scale, 500N d=5N, black 80490 Spring scale, 500N d=5N, black (rupture tests up to 300N), Macro Line. PESOLA AG. pesola India. Spring Scales, Light Line Spring Scales, Micro Line Spring Scales, Medio Line Spring Scales, Macro Line Spring Scales, Digital Pocket Scales, Electronic Scales, Digital Carat Scale, Digital Bench Scales, Platform ScalesDigital Hanging Scales, Analog Dynamometers, Pesola, spring scales, mechanical measuring instrumentation, precision scales, Light Line, Micro Line, Medio Line, Macro Line, newton scales, infusion scales, hospital scales, MFT scale, logopedics scale, speech therapy scale, lip closing force, dental scale, tensile force, pull force, force gauge, pressure force, industry scales, textile scale, yarn clamp, measuring yarn tension, tensile test, rupture test, fabric density, pull-off force, electronic scale, digital balance, pocket scale, bench scale, table scale, platform scale, carat scale, hanging scale, crane scale, shipping scale, trade scale, craft scale, counting scale, industry scale, painter scale. Peel strength(Peel adhesion strength,Bond test, Peel test )This indicator is directly related to the quality of the coating, the penetration of water and the tape and the adhesive force between the pipes, it should ensure a sufficient adhesion strength steel. In our standard SY/T0414-07, the peel strength measurements were carried out using the following methods: a knife to cut open along the ring 25 mm in width, length greater than 100 mm layer of tape until the tube. With a spring balance and a 90 degree angle from the wall opened, opened speed is not greater than 300mm/min, the tests should be carried out after 24 hours. Inner wrapping adhesive tapes (Anticorrosion tapes, Anti corrosion tapes, Anticorrosive tapes) is for anticorrosion of underground, underwater, & overhead pipelines. Outer wrapping adhesive tapes Protection Tapes, Protective Tapes,Mechanical tapes, Polyethylene Tapes, Polyethylene Tapes, PE Tapes, Rubber Tapes, Butyl Tapes, Butyl Rubber Tapes, Joining tapes, PE  wrapping adhesive Tapes, Polyethylene tapes. Viscous elastic tapes. paint testing equipment manufacturers in india, paint testing equipment supplier, paint testing instruments india, manufacture and testing of paints, paint testing equipment pdf, cross hatch cutter suppliers india, cross hatch cutter price, coating inspection instruments, peel strength testing machine, peel strength test method, peel bond strength tester, peel strength meaning, peel test method, peel test units, peel adhesion test equipment, peel bond strength tester india. Cross Country Pipelines, Oil, Gas and Water Transmission pipeline, New pipeline construction, Offshore, Refinery and Petrochemical Plants.


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