Shore Hardness Tester (Durometer) Shore – A / Shore – D

SHORE – A Soft vulcanized rubber and all elastomerics, such as: natural rubber, SBR, neoprene, nitrile rubbers, flexible polyester, cast resins etc. Also used for wax, felt, leather & other materials such as cheese cones in textile industry. Range : Direct reading graduated to read from 0 to 100 Shore-A nos., though it is primarily suggested intended for use upto maximum of 75 units in the range 10 to 90 Shore-A-nos. SHORE – D Hard rubber and the harder grades of plastics, such as: rigid thermoplastic sheet, polystyrene, vinyl sheet, cellulose acetate as well as graphite, carbon brushes & laminates like Formica, Reinforced Fibre Glass etc. Also used for paper filled calender rolls, calender bowls, very dense textile windings, slasher beams. Range : Direct reading graduated to read from 0 to 100 Shore-D nos., though it is intended for use in the range 30 to 90 Shore-D only. rubber hardness tester shore a price, shore d hardness tester supplier, shore hardness tester.


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