Shot Peening Measuring Kit

A, N and C Certified Almen Strips : A-3, A-2, A-1, A-1S, N-3, N-2, N-1, N-1S, C-3, C-2, C-1. Almen Mini-Strips : A-M1, N-M1. Aero-Almen Aluminum Strips, Aluminum Strips, Grade A-1S Almen Strips. Almen Gages : #2 Almen Gage Model: TSP-3, Almen Gage Jr Model: TSP-Jr, Mini-Strip Almen Gage Model: TSP-M, Aero-Almen Gage Model: TSP-3 AA, Flatness Gage Model: FC-3. Rotary Flap Peening Products : Rotary Flap Kit with #2 Almen Gage, Rotary Flap Kit with Almen Gage Jr, FlapSpeed Pro Kit, Aero-Almen Test Kit. Almen Accessories – Almen Strip Holders : J442 Almen Strip Holders, Magnetic Almen Strip Holder, Aero Almen Strip Holder. Almen Accessories – Calibration Tools : Almen Gage Calibration Kit, Calibration Step Block Set, Calibration Step Blocks, 9-Hole Template, Check Blocks


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