SSPC-VIS 3 – Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaces Prepared by Hand and Power Tool Cleaning, 2004 Revision

SSPC VIS3 – Contains 44 photographs to supplement the written SSPC specifications for hand and power-tool cleaning. The SSPC-VIS 3 shows a total of seven different steel surfaces (four uncoated and three previously coated) before and after hand tool cleaning (SP 2), power tool cleaning (SP 3) with power wire brushes and sanding discs, power tool cleaning to bare metal (SP 11), and commercial grade power tool cleaning (SP 15). Additional photos show SP 11 surfaces with a restored profile. St 3 : Very thorough hand and power tool cleaning As for St 2, but the surface shall be treated much more thoroughly to give a metallic sheen arising from the metallic substrate. St 2 : Thorough hand and power tool cleaning When viewed without magnification, the surfaces shall be free from visible oil, grease and dirt, and from poorly adhering mill scale, rust, paint coatings and foreign matter. Elcometer E128-5. TQC Art. No. LD3057


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