GAL Kristeel Taper Gauge Taper Scale | GAL Kristeel Taper Gauge Taper Scale

GAL Cat # 28A, GAL Cat # 28B, GAL Cat # 28C
Bore Gauge – A Range 1-15mm – Kristeel Model 1511 A, Bore Gauge – B Range 15-30mm – Kristeel Model 1511 B, Bore Gauge – C Range 30-45mm Kristeel Model 1511 C, Bore Gauge – D (4 LEAF) Range 1/16″ – 1.1/16″ -Kristeel Model 1511 D. Bore Gauge ACF Range 1-15MM (CHROME FINISH) – Kristeel Model 1511 ACF. Taper Gauge – Range 0.4-4mm – Kristeel Model 1514-A.
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