Thermal conductivity Concrete Profiler For Replication Of Roughness On Concrete (TCP) and TCP Deluxe

Concrete is the most coated building material in the world and questionably the most prone to coating failures. There is now new specific test procedures or methods developed that provide a permanent replica test for determining concrete profiles. Unlike steel, concrete is very porous, which may have been the rationale for not developing a permanent replica test method for determining concrete profile. A new standard ASTM D7682 utilizes the TCP in both Method A (visual) and Method B (quantifiably measuring) surface profile. With the TCP Deluxe kit the hardened TCP replica can be both visually compared to the supplied ICRI CSP coupons, or placed onto the specially built micrometer bottom anvil and tested at various spots and recorded (suggest at least 10 spots – highest to lowest). ┬áThe lowest reading is subtracted from the highest reading to determine the profile range for that sampled concrete spot. Surface Profile – Concrete Testing.


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