Baker Thread Plug 6h & Thread Ring Gauge 6g / GO and NO-GO Gauge | Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, 6g, 6h

Thread Plug and Ring Gauges Right or Left hand of Metric Thread Plug 6h & Thread Ring Gauge 6g, UN, UNF, UNEF, UNC Thread Plug D/E Go + NoGo (2B), Thread Ring Go + NoGo (2A), BSW, BSF, ISO Parallel Pipe Thread Gauge BSP Thread Plug D/E Go + NoGo Class General, Thread Ring Go (Class A & Class B) or NoGo (Class B), BSPT Taper Thread Gauge Plug & Ring System – B, PT, NPT Taper Thread Gauge NPT Basic Step Plug & Ring, NPT Min & Max Steps Plug & Ring, NPTF Cycle Threads NPTF Taper Thread Gauge Right Hand Plug L1 Basic,┬áPlug L3 Basic, Plug L1 Step Limit, Plug L3 Step Limit, 6 Step Plain Plug, Ring L1 Basic, Ring L2 Basic, Ring L1 Step Limit, Ring L2 Step Limit, 6 Step Plain Ring, Acme, ANPT, NGT, API, ISO-7R, Taper 1:8, Stub Acme, Trapezoidal, Buttress, Cycle Threads, PT, PF, Helicoil, Square, Round, Pg Thread Gauges as per the applicable IS, ISO, BS, ANSI, DIN & JIS standards. Buttress, Trapezoidal, Other Special Threads in Single and Multi Start. Thread plug gauge go no go, thread plug gauge 6h and 6g, thread plug gauge tolerances, Thread ring gauge go no go. Master Setting Plug & Thread Ring Gage.
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