TINKER & RASOR Holiday Detector

Tinker & Rasor Model-APS Holiday Detector, Model-APW Holiday Detector, Model-M/1 Low Voltage Holiday Detector, Model M/1 AC In Plant Thin Film Holiday Detector, Model PRM Holiday Detector, Exploring Electrodes, Holiday Detector, Model PD Locator, Model MK V “Ranger” Locator, Model-45/90 Locator, Portable Ref. Electrodes 2A-3A-6A,B-8A,B, Model SC-4 (AgAg/CI)Ref. Electrode Kit, Model DB-A Reference Electrode, Model-CE-IT CP Instrument, Model-RF-IT CP Instrument, Model-CPV-2 CP Instrument, Model-CPV-4 CP Instrument, Model-VC-2 CP Instrument, Model-CI-50 CP Instrument, Model-Quasar CP Instrument, Model-CS-1 CP Instrument, Model-CS-10 CP Instrument, Model-SR-2 CP Instrument, Model-CSP-1 CP Instrument, Model-DL-1 CP Instrument, Model-T-1 Test Station, Model-T2/T4 Test Station, Model-T3 Test Station, Model-505 “GO-FER” Detectron, Model-501-C Detectron, Model-TS-8 Detectron, Model-XL-2 Detectron, Model-7-T Detectron, Model AP/AC In-Plant Holiday Detector, Model-AC-15 AC Warning System, Model-TriStar Current Interrupter. Holiday Detectors, Cathodic Protection Products and other Corrosion Mitigation Instrumentation. Accessories – Utility Locating, Short Locating, Utility locating, Finding Unknowns. Cathodic Protection – Reference Electrodes, Current Interrupters, Current Supply, Data Loggers, Soil Resistivity, Insulator Testers, Test_Stations and Identification Products, Above ground and At Grade CP test stations, Pipeline Markers, Vector Test Stations. ELEKTROPHYSIK High voltage Pinhole Detector PoroTest 7, High voltage probe P7 P30 P35


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