Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge

ELCOMETER P.I.G. 121/4 A121—S, A121—T, ELCOMETER 141 A141—D, TQC SUPER PIG III SP1100, ERICHSEN P.I.G. 455, SHEEN PIG 202, ZEHNTNER PIG 202, Micro Metrics TOOKE P.I.G. OG 202, Micro Metrics TOOKE P.I.G. OG 204, Micro Metrics Tooke GAGE Mark IV, ELEKTROPHYSIK P.I.G. 455, TQC PIG III, BIUGED BGD 548, byko-cut universal, S.A.M Tester
A handy instrument, using destructive method to measure coatings thickness up to 1250 μm, applied on a large variety of substrates, e.g. concrete, wood, plastic, aluminium etc. A cut is made on the test surface with a V-shaped tool. The width of the layers obtained can be measured with the builtin illuminated/graduated 50 x microscope, and converted into corresponding thickness, depending on the blade used. 3 tungsten carbide tips are included. tooke gauge manual, how to use a tooke gauge, tooke gauge manual, how to read a tooke gauge, tooke gauge for sale, astm d4138, tooke gauge test.
ASTM 4138-A, ASTM D4138, ISO 2808-6B, ASTM D 3359-B, ISO 2409, ISO 16276-2, DIN 50986, AS 1580.108.2, AS 1580.408.4*, AS 3894.9*, JIS K 5600-1-7, EN 13523-6*, NF T30-123
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