TQC Bresle Kit – Chloride Test Kit Model SP7310

The TQC Bresle Kit – Chloride Test Kit complies with the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 standards that describe the Bresle Method to assess the level of soluble salts using a Bresle patch or Bresle sampler, distilled water and a conductivity gauge. The conductivity is mainly directly proportional to the concentration of dissolved chloride ions in the solution. The kit includes all the necessary equipment to execute a Bresle test that will indicate the contamination of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating. Inside the TQC Bresle Kit – Chloride Test Kit is a conductivity gauge used for the assessment of soluble salt ions as chlorides, sulphates and nitrates. Contamination of blast-media – The TQC Bresle Kit – Chloride Test Kit is also suitable to determine the contamination of blast-media in use. This important test described in the ISO 11127-6 and ISO 11127-7 standards helps to prevent that the dissolved salts in the recycled abrasive media or water will not re-contaminate the surface being cleaned. Specifications – Range: 0,1 – 20.000 mg/m2 (with DSP method), Resolution: 0,1 mg/m2 (with DSP method), Accuracy: 1% accuracy of gauge, Temperature range: 0 – 50 ˚C, ATC: 0 – 50 ˚C, Normalization temperature: 25 ˚C, Auto off: 8.5 minutes after last key pressed, IP class: IP67, Auto calibration: at 84 μS/cm, Patch area: 12,50 cm2, Patch type: Latex membrane. Standards – According to ISO8502-6, ISO8502-9. Look up the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test. FEATURES – Unique Direct Sampling Procedure (DSP) to ensure high speed and accuracy. Up to 60 times more accurate than other test kits available. Scope of Supply – The Bresle kit is complete with Case, Digital Conductivity meter, 25 bresle patches, Distilled water, Calibration and Cleansing Solutions, cups and syringes, pictorial manual. Ordering Information – SP7310 TQC Bresle Kit, ACCESSORIES – HI0017 TQC Conductivity Meter waterproof Multi Range Tester, LD6504 TQC Bresle Patch (box of 25 pieces), SP4550 Cup 50ml (pmp) for Bresle KIT, SP4551 Cup 250 ml (pmp) for Bresle KIT, SP7001 MWY514 plastic cups (20x) for Bresle KIT, SP7100 MWY514 plastic cups (25x) for Bresle KIT, SP7105 MWY514 plastic cups (100x) for Bresle KIT, SP7932 Waste bottle for Bresle KIT, SP7320 TQC Calibration Solution 84 μS, bottle of 50ml, SP7321 TQC Maintenance Cleansing Solution, bottle of 50ml, SP7933 Magnetic Bresle Test spot marker.


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