Universal Bridge Cam Welding Gauge | kristeel universal welding gauge, bridge cam gauge, welding gauge, kristeel bcwg

GAL Cat # 4 Bridge Cam Gauge Angle of Preparation Scale 0 – 60° in 5° divisions, Misalignment Scale 0 – 25mm in 1mm divisions and 0 – 1” in 1/16” divisions, Fillet Leg & Excess Weld Scale 0 – 25mm in 1mm divisions and 0 – 1” in 1/16” divisions, Fillet Throat Scale 0 – 20mm in 1mm divisions and 0 – 3/4” in 1/16” divisions, Undercut Scale 0 – 4mm in 1mm divisions and 0 – 1/4” in 1/16” divisions,  GAL Cat # 4A Pocket Bridge Cam Gauge, POWERWELD MI-WG-08, KRISTEEL BCWG, NIIGATA SEIKI WGU-9M, NIIGATA SEIKI WGU-8M, NIIGATA SEIKI WGU-7M. Part NO.: WG-04BCG, G.A.L. Gage Company, H147—-1 Elcometer 147 Weld Gauge. Angle of preparation, 0º to 60º, Excess weld metal (capping size), Depth of undercut, Depth of pitting, Fillet weld throat size, Fillet weld length, Misalignment (high-low). Universal Bridge Cam Gauge, Bridge Cam Gauge, TWI Welding Gauge, Cambridge Gauge, Universal Welding Gauges, GAL Gage, GAL Gages, GAL Gauge, GAL Gauges, Weld Measuring Gauges, Welding Inspection Instruments, Weld Test Instruments, Welding Testing Equipment, Pipeline Welding & inspection tools, A welding inspector’s tools, Popular Welding Inspection Tools, welding inspector tool kit, welding inspection equipment, visual weld inspection tools, cambridge gauge weld, welding inspection tools pdf, fabrication shop tools, steel fabrication tools metal fabricating, Gaging & Inspection Inspection, Analysis Tools, Fabrication & Machining Fabrication, Multi-Process Tools for Fabrication, Assembly and Inspection. universal fillet gauge, Welding Inspection Gauges, how to measure weld size, how to use a bridge cam gauge, welding gauge price, welding gauges for sale, welding gauge types, welding gauges pdf, welding gauge price in india, welding gage inspection, welding gauge manual, how to use welding gauge, Welding Gauges.


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