UV Inspection Lamps & Spotlight

100 Watt reflective light source, 4000+ Microwatts/Centimeter Squared @ 15″, White Light Emission, less than 1 foot candle @ 15″, Magnaflux Self Ballasted Black Light ZB-150F-SB – 621135. Magnaflux MAG SHOT Black Light ZB-100F-MB – 600086. Magnaflux Fan-Cooled Black Light ZB-100F – 600005, 621254, 600004, 621311, 621312. Magnaflux Vibrance UV LED EV-5000 – 624673. TQC UV pocket flashlight Art. No. LD7290, TQC UV INSPECTION SPOTLIGHT Art. No. LD7220
“Spectroline FC-100 Fan Cooled UV Inspection Lamp. Spectroline SB-100P SB-100PC Super Black Light. Spectroline FC-150 UV Inspection Lamps. Spectroline BIB-150P Built-in Ballast Lamps. Spectroline Maxima 3500 ML-3500C Inspection Lamps. Spectroline Maxima 3500MD Battery Powered Blacklight. Spectroline UV LED Cordless Lamps EK-365 EagleEye™. Spectroline LT-300 LeakTracker™. Spectroline Violet Light LED OLX-400I OPTI-LUX™ 400. Spectroline OPX-400ICS OPTIMAX™ 400. Spectroline VMP-400CS VioMAX Plus™ Telescopic, Violet Light Lamp. Spectroline Corded UV Lamps TRI-365 TRITAN Series Broad-Beam UV Lamp. Spectroline TRITAN™ 450 Three Blue Light LED, Broad-Beam FLS. Q- and QZ-Series AC Powered ALS with Magnifier and Combinations of Ultraviolet/White Light Tubes. Spectroline ML-3500 MAXIMA™ Series Ultra-High Intensity UV-A Lamps. Spectroline ML-3500S Series Maxima™ Ultra-High Intensity UV-A Lamps. Spectroline Blue Light LED OPX-3000 OPTIMAX™ 3000 Cordless, Rechargeable Blue Light LED Flashlight. Spectroline OPX-500CS OPTIMAX Jr™ Cordless, Blue Light LED Flashlight. Spectroline UV LED OLX-365 OPTI-LUX™ 365 Cordless, Super-Compact UV Flashlight. Spectroline OPX-365 OPTIMAX™ 365 Cordless, Rechargeable UV LED Flashlight. Spectroline OLX-365C. Spectroline OPTI-LUX™ 365. Spectroline OPX-365C. Spectroline OPTIMAX™ 365. Spectroline UVS-30 spectacles, generally recommended for sporadic, lower intensity UV sources fi t easily over eyeglasses. GROZ LED UV Inspection Light LED-120. Spectroline UVG-50 goggles and UVF-80 face shield, for maximum protection from extended or high intensity UV exposure, adjusts to fi t the face. Spectroline Goggles and face shield meet ANSI specifications and OSHA standards.


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