WEBSTER Portable Hardness Tester

The Webster Hardness Testers are portable, fast,accurate hardness gauges that are made in three distinct models for testing Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Mild Steel. Webster Hardness Testers will quickly identify tempers and test a variety of shapes that other testers cannot check, such as extrusions, tubing and flat stock.
Model B Hardness Tester for Aluminum Alloys.
Model B-75 Hardness Tester for Brass, Mild Steel.
Model BB-75 Hardness Tester for Copper.
TIME Digital Webster Hardness Tester for Soft Metals (TH810). MITECH W-20 Webster Hardness Tester. SINOWON Copper Webster Durometer W-B75 862-143. SINOWON Stainless Steel Webster Durometer W-B92 862-183. SINOWON Aluminum Alloy Webster Hardness Tester W-20 862-113. webster hardness tester for aluminum, webster hardness conversion table, webster instruments hardness tester, webster hardness scale, webster hardness tester chart, webster hardness conversion to brinell, webster hardness tester w20, webster hardness tester b75.


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