Wet Film Thickness Gauge – WFT Gauge 2

Range : 25-2032 Micron, Aluminium
ASTM D 4414-A, ISO 2808-1A,
ELCOMETER 112 Hexagonal Wet Film Combs (Stainless Steel) K0003236M201 20 – 370μm, K0003236M202 25 – 2000μm, B112—-1B 25 – 3000μm, K0003236M203 0.5 – 15mils, K0003236M204 1 – 80mils,  B112—-2B 1 – 120mils. ELCOMETER 3238 Long Edge Wet Film Combs (Stainless Steel) K0003238M201 5 – 120μm 5μm, K0US3238M201 0.5 – 6mils 0.5mil, K0003238M202 25 – 600μm 25μm, K0US3238M202 1.0 – 24mils 1.0mil, K0003238M203 50 – 1200μm 50μm, K0US3238M203 2.0 – 48mils 2.0mil, K0003238M204 – Set of 3 Combs, K0US3238M204 -Set of 3 Combs. Elcometer 115 Wet Film Combs (Stainless Steel) B11529455M 20 – 325μm B11529451E 1 – 13mils, B11529456M 50 – 450μm, B11529452E 2 – 18mils, B11529457M 50 – 750μm, B11529453E 2 – 30mils, B11529458M 125 – 1250μm, B11529454E 5 – 50mils, B1152959WM – Set of 4 Combs, B1152959WE – Set of 4 Combs. ELCOMETER 112AL B112AL12473-3 Punched Wet Film Combs (Aluminium) each comb has Metric (25 – 3000μm) on one side and Imperial (1 – 118mils) on the other. ELCOMETER 154 B154—-1 Plastic Wet Film Combs Metric and Imperial values are on the same comb, 50 to 800μm on one side, 2 to 32mils on the other. ELCOMETER 3233 K0003233M001, K0003233M002 Pfund Thickness Gauge.
ELEKTROPHYSIK SurfaTest Wet film gauge. ZEHNTNER ZND 2050 – 2054 Wet Film Thickness Gauges. TQC PLASTIC WET FILM COMB Art. No. LD2020. TQC WET FILM MEASURING COMB Art. No. LD2030. BIUGED Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauges  BGD 531/1, BGD 531/2, BGD531/3, BGD 531/4, BGD 531/5, BGD 531/6 Quadrilateral, BGD 531/7 Hexagon. SS HEXAGONAL WET FILM THICKNESS GAUGE (COMB) SSCE – 272
STANDARDS: ASTM D 4414-A, AS/NZS 1580.107.3, ISO 2808-1A, JIS K 5600-1-7, NF T30-125, US Navy PPI 63101-000, US Navy NSI 009-32)
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