YUYUTSU Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge with Simultaneous Statistics Display For Non-Magnetic Coatings on Magnetic Base. Coatmeasure-M2s Range 2000 Microns / 2 MM, Coatmeasure -M6s Range 6000 Microns / 6 MM, Coatmeasure-M12s Range 12000 Microns / 12 MM, For Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base. Ideal for Coatings on MS. Digital Coating Thickness Gauge For Non-Conductive Coatings on Conductive Base for Anodising and Coatings on Al & Brass. Coatmeasure-C2s Range 2000 Microns / 2 MM, Coatmeasure-C4s Range 4000 Microns / 4 MM. Digital Coating Thickness Gauge For both Ferous & Non-ferrous Bases Coatmeasure – (M&G)2s ┬áRange 2000 Microns / 2 MM, coatmeasure price, yuyutsu coatmeasure m1, dft meter yuyutsu dombivali with cost, yuyutsu instruments, dombivali, yuyutsu coating thickness gauge, yuyutsu instruments india.


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